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Life is unpredictable and so is our health. Getting a free quote today will give you the opportunity to find out the (LTCI) long term care insurance price.

Premiums are cheaper when you are young.

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  • Are you looking at long term care insurance?
  • Are you 40 years old and thinking when retirement comes around, what will happen?
  • Are you soon to retire?
  • Are you age 50 or from the baby boomer era?

Now is the time to get a long term care insurance web quote to find out long term care insurance cost.

The older you are the more a single premium will be. If you become disabled or critically ill, insurance companies will not cover you for a LTC policy.

Long term care insurance will help protect you when you need it, not just when are old.

A car accident leaves you unable to take care of yourself. Long term health care insurance will be there to help you.

They will help with the cost of someone to come in and help with daily living activities – bathing, dressing, companionship, laundry, prepares meals, even help you eat, drink and walk if you are unable to do this.

senior man long term care

In some cases the long term care insurance may be tax deductible. You will need to check with your tax accountant or advisor to find out more about the deduction.

Are you wondering how to pay for long term care? This long term care review can suggest some options….

  • A savings or investment plan – A retirement plan such as an IRA or 401K.
  • Life Insurance – some people take out a loan or withdraw from the cash value of their policy.
  • Equity in your home – from the sale of your home when you become empty nesters or take out a loan based upon the equity you have built up in your home.
  • Purchase a home in a retired community where your assessments include long term care insurance.
  • Medicare and Medicaid will only pay for a small portion of long term health care cost. LTC (long term care) is expensive, protect your self and family.

With rising cost of health insurance prices and insurance premiums, go ahead and start a retirement goal immediately!

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